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Bioflow for Horses

Bioflow for Horses

Horse Arthritis

I write regarding the Bioflow horse boots I recently purchased for my eight year old Irish Draught Gelding "Freeman". For the past 18 months Freeman has been on two daily doses of Bute and has been unable to compete due to arthritis in his two front fetlock joints. Without the daily doses of Bute this horse was a virtual cripple. Within one week of fitting the Bioflow boots (he wears them from 8 pm 8 am, 12 hours as per your instructions) he was taken off the Bute totally; with no discernible relapse in his condition. Now some three weeks on this horse is unbelievable, he is as sound as a bell - much happier and with no changes to his diet. He is noticeably much fitter as though corned up. It is my intention to bring Freeman back into light competition something I could never possibly have contemplated had it not been for my introduction to Bioflow boots. These boots have proved a great investment to once again have a happy sound horse and more money in my pocket (as it was costing me 32.00 per month for Bute), within two months the boots will have paid for themselves.

A Soulsby
Horse - Arthritis

I am so pleased with my Bioflow boots that I bought for my 27 year old horse, who I had retired due to arthritis. I have been able to start riding her again after a couple of days using the boots. She has now been using them for a month and it is going very well. I am buying another pair for my other horse that has ringbone, and hope to have the same success with her.
Horse Laminitis

As an ME Sufferer I experience extreme fatigue and decided to try a Bioflow bracelet. Within four weeks I was feeling the benefit, a large increase of energy and my general sense of well being was much improved. After several months of this being sustained I purchased a pair of Bioflow horse boots for my horse who suffers with chronic laminitis due to a trauma. At the time I bought them she was worse than usual and after wearing them overnight there was an improvement already. She has now worn them for over two months and the improvement is marked. I think Bioflow products are a revelation and I will and already have recommended them to people with a wide range of problems.

Miss C Poole
Navicular Syndrome

Earlier this year my 20 year old horse, Heidi, was crippled due to navicular, which she has now had for seven years. On four butes a day she was hardly able to walk, and I began to believe that I would have to have her put down. Then I was told about your Bioflow horse boots, so I bought a pair. After three days Heidi was completely different and once again her old self, dragging me to the field. I'm not saying that she is completely better, but from four powders a day she now only needs one every other day, and is able once again to enjoy life. Thank you.

Miss J Bagle

Horse Recovery - Fracture

I'm writing to let you know of the success I've had using a Bioflow on my two year old horse. At six months she fractured a bone in her foot causing very slight lameness, at this stage undetected on X-ray. It was, therefore, thought that the problem was due to an imbalance in the growth of her foot, so a remedial farrier was called to assist. This aggravated the situation leading to a dramatic increase in lameness and referral to LiverpoolUniversityVeterinaryHospital where the fracture then showed on high powered X-ray equipment. Although healing was well underway, it was thought arthritis could be setting in. An injection into the joint and rest followed, with no improvement. At eighteen months old no more could be done! The foot was losing its function of pumping the blood back through lack of correct contact with the ground. I believe that through the use of Bioflow and controlled levelling of the foot, the blood supply has increased to the damaged area and has not only arrested the situation but appears to have regained the foot's correct function and she is no longer lame.

Janet Knapp
Horse Stiffness

I would like to tell you about the remarkable effect the Bioflow horse boots have had on Wellington, our 17 hands ClevelandBay. After only 10 days use, his stiffness has improved immensely. He is usually very reluctant to have his hind feet picked out until after work when he has loosened up. Wellington is regularly used for client lessons, including side-saddle and training college students.

Anne Everall
Horse - Stiffness

I was introduced to Ecoflow magnets after trying to find something to relieve the stiffness in our five year old gelding, who has raced over 60 times with varying success in his life of flat racing. At the beginning of the year I noticed his stiffness getting worse. I bought the Bioflow boots for his front legs and after wearing them for a month he raced again six times and won four. His stiffness in the morning has almost disappeared. Magic! Thank you.

Lady Howlett