Why choose a Bioflow ?
The Bioflow range is the result and understanding of magnet techology combined with a commitment to development which has positioned Bioflow as the leading manufacturer of magnetic therapy products.

Reasons for choosing Bioflow over other magnetic products include:

  • Only the highest quality neodymium material used in the magnets. Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets known
  • Bioflow is patented and uses a magnetic field named Cental Reverse Polarity. This is unique to Bioflow and trademarked in Europe. Bioflow is also credited as a class 1 medical device.
  • Thousands of letters from customers telling what a difference Bioflow has made to their lives and to date over a million people have made the decision to use a Bioflow product.
Bioflow for Pets

Important: Bioflow products should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker or other implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic field.